Originally from the UK, David has spent the majority of his adult life outside of his native country. Living for prolonged periods in Greece, India and South-East Asia, his work has to a large extent, been influenced by the traditions and cultures of his countries of residence.


David left the UK in 1981 on his ‘gap year’. He is still on his ‘gap year’. Not wishing to return to what became known as ‘Thatcher’s Britain’, he remained in the Greek islands for almost a decade, returning intermittently to reassure himself that he wasn’t missing out on anything. He painted whilst in Greece but mostly drank and travelled the islands.


At the end of the 80’s, he travelled to Asia. Ostensibly it was to be a trip of a few months but once again it was a prolonged stay of almost a decade without return. He got lost exploring the islands of Indonesia, living and working with many indigenous artists across the archipelago. After a brief return to the UK to tidy up affairs, he again returned to Asia spending the majority of the next decade in India, travelling extensively and finally settling in Goa.


David’s artwork has been born out of his itinerant lifestyle with its broad range of influences and palettes. Latterly his paintings have more of a political slant, returning in some sense full circle.


David now splits his time between Ibiza and Goa, working from his studios in San Juan and Pernem.